MSU Tech Store

Redesigned the physical and digital space for the MSU Tech Store


The MSU Tech Store is an electronics store located inside Michigan State's campus. This project was apart of a course at Michigan State University - AL 242: Introduction to Experience Architecture. The MSU Tech Store approached our class with the task to help them redesign their website.

The Problem

The MSU Tech Store wasn't seeing as much traffic as they used to in past years on their website and in person. The MSU Tech Store was in the process of redesigning their website but wanted to gather feedback of what our class thought about how they can improve. Our team was tasked with redesigning the MSU Tech Store's website while thinking about the user's experience throughout the entire proces

The Design


The challenges that our team encountered during this project were mainly related to figuring out how to attract customers to shop at the MSU Tech Store rather than their competitors. During our research we learned that the majority of student's on campus have never heard of the MSU Tech Store. Clearly the MSU Tech Store wasn't being advertised enough and those who knew of the MSU Tech Store preferred to shop at another site because of the incentives they had. Redesigning the website was challenging because we had to decide if it was best to create a new design that is unique to the Tech Store or use the same format that was working for their competitors.

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