Collection Database

Create a database and design a collection database style website.


This project was for a course at Michigan State University - GD 468: Interaction Design. This goal for this project was to create an interaction for either a mobile or web platform using a large amount of data. The data was gathered by the student and i decided to use video games as my data points. While gathering the data I viewed multiple data visualizations/infographics to get a better understanding of why the data points work well with the desing that they designer choose.

The Problem

Create an interaction that would work the best with the data that was gathered.

The Design

I created multiple wireframes of designs that could work with my data, The design that worked best was the one below.


The challenges that came up while working on this project was gathering the type of data that I wanted. There are infinite ways to represent data so finding one shouldn't be difficult but, the same design you used for one data group-set won't work for another data-set.

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